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120 Litre R22 Commercial Grade Dehumidifier Unit For Basements

120 Litre R22 Commercial Grade Dehumidifier Unit For Basements

R22 Commercial Grade Dehumidifier

120 Litre Commercial Grade Dehumidifier

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Industrial 120 Litre Commercial Grade Dehumidifier Unit For Basements And Commercial Use Dehumidifier


Article No: YDA-890EB



1) Computer automatic control, Running in a high automatization and intellectualization
2) Current environment temperature and humidity colorful LCD display
3) Efficient and automatic defrosted system,low temperature appliance
4) Have fault automatically judgment function
5) 24 hours timer and time preset
6) Special humidity 1%RH can be adjusted,humidity setting range10%-98%RH
7) Condensate connection at either side, Can drain continuously.
8) Bottom caster,can move freely
9) International famous brand compressor

efficiency,energy-saving and green

8) High quality compressor,noiseless running
9) Anion function,make air refreshing
10) Activated carbon filter,effectively filter indoor air
11) Have anion function at the same time



Article No. YDA-890EB
Article Name Dehumidifier Machine
Dehumidify Capacity 90L/DAY
Applying Area(with three meters height) 90~110M2
Tank volume drainage hose
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Rated Input Power 1050W
Air Circulation 550M3/H
Refrigerant R22
Compressor Mitsubishi , Daikin
G.W.(KG) 50KG
Model Dimension 480*435*950mm



  1. In office, file-room, reference-room, library place dehumidifier can ensure the dry of data books and avoid the affect of mildew.
  2. Use in computer room and laboratory.
  3. For electronics, instrumentation, semiconductor, optical instrument, precision machinery, scientific articles, department stores, chinese herbal medicine and bank ticket or other need dehumidification of space.
  4. Food, chemical industry, aquatic products, agricultural and sideline products, printing, medicinal materials, wood, furniture, paper making, polyester fiber and other industries of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products of drying dehumidifying or storage
  5. Use in hospital, The dust and humidity removal of CT room, pharmacy, warehouse, pharmacy department, file room etc.
  6. The dust and humidity removal of Some places such as company factory warehouse,production workshop which are affected with damp moldy easily. The save of freckled ramie cotton, silk products, semi-finished products, paper, The preservation of the proprietary Chinese medicine and western medicine items, the dry storage of electronic products and raw materials
  7. Use in storage room: The preservation of the celebrity calligraphy and painting, personal photos saved, the save of some perishable items be affected with damp easily.
  8. Use in family: Applicable in wardrobe, the preservation of wardrobe, senior clothing, leather goods, filing cabinet, instrument ark, pantry, medicine cabinets, camera. And use in some small confined space that need to moistureproof and remove humidity. The patient of rheumatism and respiratory diseases, the daily life and care of the old, maternal and infant need to create a suitable humidity environment.

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6. Best seller 90L/DAY 24hous timed contorl commercial dehumidifier Product Details

120 Litre R22 Commercial Grade Dehumidifier Unit For Basements 0


120 Litre R22 Commercial Grade Dehumidifier Unit For Basements 1


Commercial dehumidifiers are HVAC devices that utilize a condenser and evaporator powered by a compressor to condense and remove indoor air humidity. They can be used for all kinds of construction projects, warehouses, gyms, garages, laundry rooms, workshops, and so on:



The best commercial dehumidifiers are needed for damp warehouses, offices, server rooms, and basements to prevent stock damage in the short run and integral damage in the long run (mold growth).

On top of that, you can also use these heavy-duty industrial dehumidifiers after a flood, power outage, for water damage restoration, or for moisture removal in crawl spaces. In these humid conditions, you will need some serious moisture removal in large spaces to prevent mold and mildew growth.


  • Maximum capacity, measured at 90% humidity or at saturation. Capacity is expressed in pints of moisture that can be removed per day.
  • AHAM capacity, measured at 60-80% humidity by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.
  • Consider the square footage. For a 2,000 sq ft area, you’ll need a stronger industrial dehumidifier than for 1,000 sq ft.
  • Power, measured in Watts. Residential dehumidifiers are powered by 500W; commercial ones can exceed 1000W. We’ll also convert these kilowatt-hours (kWh) into dollars ($).
  • Energy efficiency, based on the coefficient of efficiency (COP).
  • Airflow, measured in CFM.
  • Noise levels, measured in decibels.

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