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Decrease Temperature 38KG/H 10700W Cooling Dehumidifier

Decrease Temperature 38KG/H 10700W Cooling Dehumidifier

38KG/H Cooling Dehumidifier

10700W Cooling Dehumidifier

38KG/H low temperature dehumidifier

Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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Product Details
Dehumidification Capacity:
Max Rate Power:
Indoor Unit Air Circulation:
3500 M³
Outdoor Unit Air Circulation:
5000 M³
Gross Weight:
Place Of Use:
Tobacco Factory
Thermostat Humidistat Unit
Adjustable Humidistat
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Product Description

Cooling Dehumidifier Thermostat Dehumidifier Decrease Temperature Dehumidifier



Voltage 380V/50Hz
dehumidification capacity 38KG/H
Max rate power 10700W
Indoor unit Air circulation 3500m³
Outdoor unit Air circulation 5000 m³
Gross weight 188KG
Place of use factory


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1. Novel design, beautiful appearance, the use of high-strength cold-rolled steel plate;

2. Use internationally renowned compressor, equipped with two intra-Amusing devices, more excellent dehumidification effect;Use famous brand globe valve, durable and no air leakage;

3. Intelligent control system, which can quickly judge the cause of failure;

4. Simple and convenient operation, temperature and humidity display;

5. High efficiency centrifugal fan or external rotor, small volume, large air volume, low noise, long life.

6. Use beautiful and durable plastic outlet, easy to lock water pipe, no leakage;

7. The temperature difference between the air outlet temperature and the air inlet temperature is small (about 3~5 lower., greatly improve the effect of dehumidification, and at the same time to ensure the temperature, reduce the machine surface condensation of water generation.





1. The humidity setting is continuously adjustable from 10~98RH%, and the dehumidification operation is mandatory when the humidity is set at 10RH%;

2. With temperature control function, the setting range is 10~35.When the temperature drops to the set value, the machine will stop automatically.

3. High efficient and automatic defrosting function suitable for low temperature;

4. With fault alarm output interface, linkage control with other devices can be realized (optional);

5. The system has the function of high voltage and low voltage protection to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the machine;

6 with RS485 interface (Modbus communication protocol), it can realize remote switch control of dehumidifier, humidity setting and actual operation status monitoring (optional);

7. Support dual operation panel to realize simultaneous local and remote control (optional);




Company Information

Decrease Temperature 38KG/H 10700W Cooling Dehumidifier 2

Production Flow

Decrease Temperature 38KG/H 10700W Cooling Dehumidifier 3


Decrease Temperature 38KG/H 10700W Cooling Dehumidifier 4

When the machine is working, the window is not closed, and the moisture outside the window will continue to enter the room, which is the same reason as the cooling of air conditioning.
Before using the dehumidifier, the door and window of the room are closed to form a closed space to better play the effect of dehumidification.
Industrial dehumidifier should be placed in a place with air circulation and flat ground, so that the wet air can be quickly pumped into the dehumidifier, and the dry air can be quickly circulated to all corners of the factory, so as to achieve better dehumidification effect.
On the other hand, the machine does not need to be close to the wall, because after a long period of operation, the machine temperature will continue to rise;The air inlet of the machine should be kept away from the goods. Goods are forbidden to be placed on the top of the machine to avoid blocking and affecting the circulation effect.

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