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Moisture has a major impact on production equipment and product quality, causing various losses to the production process. However, people have weak awareness of this, coupled with excessive control of production costs, and did not take action to address the impact of moisture, which ultimately led to more serious losses. With the high-speed development of society, technological progress, people's demand for quality is getting higher and higher, the former rough production mode gradually to refinement, intelligence, mechanisation mode change. Whether out of the customer's requirements to improve or the factory for their own requirements, the production process of quality control is also more and more stringent, and high humidity is prone to the following problems, resulting in decreased efficiency, poor quality and other phenomena, the economic loss is serious, and must cause a high degree of attention to the manager.


300 Square Metres Electronic Workshop Dehumidification Project

Company: Xinhu New Energy Electronics (Shenzhen) Co.

Use of models: CF10/J dehumidifier temperature removal

Project: 300 square metres of electronic workshop dehumidification project

Project introduction: working conditions require indoor temperature control at 25 ℃, humidity below 50%, the use of Bio Cooling dehumidifier CF10/J, to meet the requirements of indoor design, the minimum humidity of 40%, the temperature is below 25 ℃.


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