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Large Scale Warehousing


Latest company news about Large Scale Warehousing

IKEA 100,000 Cubic Metre Warehouse Industrial Dehumidifier Project

Co-operating company: Nantong IKEA Co.
Use area: 10,000 square metres Height: 10m
Warehouse temperature: room temperature
Requirements:No condensation on the ground, no moisture on the product packaging
Equipment Model: Extreme industrial dehumidifier _ DF20S Adoption of the number: 24 units
Application analysis: the warehouse is mainly for the finished home storage area, the use of dehumidifiers in the rainy season warehouse temperature of 26 ℃ when the relative humidity control at 52%, the warehouse storage of finished products no longer appeared packaging rework phenomenon, in accordance with this data can be derived from the home furnishings warehouse as long as the relative humidity control of the warehouse in the ≤ 52% of the storage of home furnishings is conducive to finished product packaging.
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