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Latest company news about Computer Room
Communication Data Centre Machine Room Dehumidifier Project CF6.8DT
Customer Unit Yuntai Internet Technology Co.
Used area: 100 square metres
Project Name: Changzhou Data Centre
Height: 6m
Temperature of machine room: 23℃±2℃
Equipment Model: Industrial Dehumidifier CF6.8DT
Humidity Requirement: <50%
Application analysis: data centre server room electrical equipment to work in the operating environment of the humidity requirements of the control in 45% -55% RH or so, if the server room environment humidity exceeds 65% or more, the humid air will cause different degrees of damage to the electrical equipment in the server room, the use of dehumidifiers will be the humidity in the control of the server room can be ensured that the server room switches, servers, routers, and other equipment for normal operation and safety.
In addition, in the autumn and winter dry season, the computer room environment humidity is often too low, easy to produce static electricity and dust hazards, interference with the normal operation of electronic equipment, but also affects the staff's safety and health; hen, at this time it is best to be based on its actual needs. The use of the appropriate humidifier or industrial wet film humidifier, reasonable, scientific and reasonable humidification, so that the environmental humidity is maintained in the most appropriate range is very important.
In summary, in order to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of a variety of data centre equipment in the computer room, the environmental degree of the computer room must be reasonably regulated and controlled, inappropriate humidity environment will not only affect the normal operation. The safety, reliability, and service life of electronic equipment in computer rooms also make it possible. Employees' health and safety are affected. Therefore, in the computer room environment, according to its actual situation configuration of the appropriate dehumidifier or humidifier, in order to reasonably control the humidity; the above on the data centre room dehumidifier, data centre room dehumidification program to explain.
Data room dehumidifier use precautions
1. the best use of dehumidifier temperature range of 15 ℃ ~ 38 ℃.
2. dehumidifier use doors and windows closed as far as possible, in order to achieve the best dehumidification effect.
3. dehumidifier should be placed in the centre of the room in order to achieve the effect of uniform dehumidification, and the air inlet and outlet should not be blocked by obstacles.
4. dehumidifier need to be placed in the process of flat, not tilted or horizontal fall, to avoid machine failure or abnormal noise.
5. dehumidifier placed in the space can not be placed in the use of corrosive gases and high dust, for corrosive gases, please purchase a dehumidifier with anticorrosive features; used in a high dust environment, please often clean or replace the filter, while cleaning the dust in the two to ensure dehumidification performance.
6. dehumidifier after transport and moving, please first static 4-6 hours, and then start using.
Data room dehumidifier maintenance methods
1. the surface of the body of the adhesive or dust, available soap and water cleaning, avoid gasoline, petroleum spirit, solvents, etc., to avoid paint or discolouration phenomenon.
2. the filter should be cleaned regularly (about two weeks a), in order to maintain the machine dehumidification, dust removal efficiency and life, while avoiding bacterial growth.
3. the two devices should be cleaned regularly with water, according to the dust situation, about once every two months, in order to ensure the dehumidification performance.
4. long-term non-use of the machine, please unplug the power cord, according to 1, 2, 3 steps to clean up the machine after the machine with a box to wrap the machine, stored in a cool, dry place!
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